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Oils Made Easy - Flowers
Course Date: Thursday 28th September 2017
Category: Painting & Drawing
Tutor: Lin Kerr
Price: £80

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In this beginner’s course you can choose between a very small arrangement of flowers or just a couple of flowers in a little bottle or vase. You are invited to bring your own flowers or use some of the tutor’s. After some initial flower studies, you can then decide what you’d like to paint. With flowers you don’t have to get each petal perfect and oil paints are very forgiving. You’ll be amazed at what beginners can create, so even if you feel nervous, you will soon relax into the day.

Further Detail

Flower paintings have been popular since the 17th century and range from realistic paintings to loose, impressionistic paintings. We’ll work from observation but our paintings will aim to evoke the flower rather than to produce a slavish study. This day is aimed at being enjoyable and an introduction to using oil paints.

There will be a fact sheet of all the brands of materials used. Lin will supply paints, brushes, boards and an odourless solvent so there will be no nasty fumes. All you will need to bring is an apron, some rags and a small baking tray (or similar) to carry your painting home.

Skills/Techniques Covered

  • Preparing a canvas for oil painting
  • Drawing flowers (instruction is provided if needed)
  • Using thick paint to do one-stroke petals
  • Colour mixing to get the right shades for the flowers
  • How to handle oil paints
  • Basic materials required for oil painting



Beginners and not quite beginners


Materials are not included in your course fee. All materials will be provided by the tutor. The approximate cost of these will be £5 for the materials and includes 2 canvasses, payable to the tutor during the course. The items you will need to bring with you are listed below.

We do not have the facilities to take card payments in the workshops. Please remember to bring cash or your cheque book if your course involves buying materials from the tutor.

Please bring with you:

  • an apron
  • a baking tray (or similar) to transport your painting home
  • a rag such as from an old vest or T-shirt.
  • If you have an i-pad or camera please bring it to help you design your thumbnails.
    If you don’t have one you may use mine.
  • £5 for materials in an envelope with your name on
  • Kitchen Roll
  • A small plastic bin bag
  • Optional - Baby wipes

  • If you already have your own good quality oil painting materials and would prefer to bring them, please contact the tutor direct at:

Tutor Profile

Lin Kerr teaches oil painting based on the way she works – using observational drawing and working from life. In 2016 she began a series of small daily paintings of bottles, vases, jugs, seasonal plants and fruit. She is obsessed with light, reflection and colour within an apparently simple composition. Her own work can be seen in the simple staged compositions in an almost theatrical setting of quietude, and her series of sky studies and small palette knife landscapes.


Lin is a very experienced teacher and has worked in adult education since 1988. She holds a BA in Fine Arts (hons) and a teaching degree. Lin has an almost daily blog at

Timings & Refreshments

Coffee is available from 9.45am. The course starts at 10am and finishes at 4.30pm. Fresh ground coffee and a range of teas are provided all day, along with biscuits in the morning, a sandwich lunch and cake in the afternoon. Special Diets: If you are vegetarian, please tell us when you book. If you have other special dietary needs/preferences, please see our terms and conditions for detailed information on the food provided.