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Pewterwork – A Tour of Techniques
Course Date: Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Category: Metal
Price: £80


This course will be an in-depth look at pewterworking techniques, culminating in a series of representative small tiles/sample pieces for use as reference in future pewterwork projects.

Further Detail

Students will make a series of small tiles/sample pieces exploring in depth as many techniques relevant to the art of pewter working as can be accomplished in the time we have together. Outcome will be dependent on individual skill level and time management. There will be no ‘project’ as such, as the work is intended as a reference to help students to progress their own technique at home.

Skills/Techniques Covered

Samples are intended to include as many of the following as possible:

transferring pattern to pewter sheet and ‘scribing’

texturing the background by rubbing, mark-making, distressing with metal tools, scratching

raising the pewter

texturing raised areas by some of the methods above

filling raised areas

two ways of stone setting 

patinating and masking out


different finishes: shiny, matt, scratched, ‘antiqued’

cutting out: knife skills


Intermediate and advanced.


Materials are not included in your course fee. Most materials will be provided by the tutor. The approximate cost of these will be £10–£15, payable to the tutor during the course. The items you will need to bring with you are listed below.

We do not have the facilities to take card payments in the workshops. Please remember to bring cash or your cheque book if your course involves buying materials from the tutor.

Please bring with you:

protective apron or old shirt for messy work (i.e. polishing metal, etc.)

reading glasses or magnifying visor, etc., if you use them for close work

pencil, pen, paper/notebook for making any notes/drawings

fine permanent marker for marking on pewter, if you choose to do so

any pewter working tools of your own that you already have

a good-quality craft knife with fine(ish) new blade, suitable for cutting out small areas from soft metal

small cutting mat or piece of card to cut against

a box or container in which to safely carry your work home – tiles (mounted onto cardboard) will be no bigger than 3” square 

Tutor Profile

Bonnie Mackintosh is a designer, craftsperson and teacher in both enamelling and pewterwork. She has more than 25 years’ experience in both crafts and currently shows and sells her work through the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen and galleries in the South East.  She has lead regluar tutorials on behalf of the Guild of Enamellers at Art in Action.  

Timings & Refreshments

Coffee is available from 9.45am. The course starts at 10am and finishes at 4.30pm. Fresh ground coffee and a range of teas are provided all day, along with biscuits in the morning, a sandwich lunch and cake in the afternoon. Special Diets: If you are vegetarian, please tell us when you book. If you have other special dietary needs/preferences, please see our terms and conditions for detailed information on the food provided.